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Let us do the work for you! Our freight brokerage team matches your needs with the optimal carrier to create the ideal shipping scenario.

Perdue Logistics ships to the lower 48 states and internationally. Our team has experience working in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to: Agriculture, Chemical, Food Production, Metals, Construction, Plastics, Paper, and Aggregates.

In 2021, we shipped on 14 different types of equipment: Hopper, Dump, Walking Floor, Belt, Tanker, LTL, Container, Flatbed, Reefer, Van, Conestoga, Box Truck, Hot Shot, Double Drop, and RGN.

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I want to take a minute and say a few positive things about Perdue AgriBusiness. We started a few years ago pulling a load or two a week, and now we have a small fleet of five trucks and the relationship with them has allowed our business to grow. A few key reasons are steady work, we receive checks from them a few times a week with no fees, and insurance requirements are reasonable. The list goes on and on...thanks guys for your hard work.

- Jamey Wiley of Kim S Kilpatrick Trucking Co

The best people in the business to work with.

- LW Saunders Jr Trucking Inc

We have hauled for Perdue AgriBusiness for 30+ years. Nothing but an outstanding organization and people to work with.

- Chicoda Carriers Inc

Outstanding company to work for.

- Leahy’s Transport LLC/24HR Freight Brokerage LLC

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